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Point-of-sale (POS) System with optional cloud accounting.

It is designed to be lite and simplified to make users easily adapt and understand the flow of operations yet powerful enough to gather vital information for making business decisions.

By using POS, you can check your inventory in real-time and any given period. Sales and Collection Summaries can be generated instantly and accurately. With these reports you will be able to control the operations of your business, minimize inventory pilferage, and monitor you cash.


Sales & Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory stock levels! Easy manage and see stock breakdowns. Perform quick inventory counts for any stock level adjustments.

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Advance IT Services will lead every businesses to adapt advance web and technology to help their businesses goal of development. 


Website Development

WordPress is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) solutions in use. Perfect for business website and e-commerce.

Software Development

We create computer software using Quasar Framework a Web based framework, built on Vue.js as for the developers to develop cross-platform applications easily and quickly.

Mobile friendly

A site displayed and performs well on a mobile device like a phone or tablet.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

computer hardware that is added to a computer in order to expand its abilities.

Security CCTV Camera

Providing top-of-the-line security systems with cameras for home and business.

Network Infrastructure

Refers to all of the resources of a network that make network or internet connectivity, management, business operations and communication possible.


Jaime Moncada

WordPress & IT Specialist

John Michael Roble

IT Specialist & Operation

Kenneth Otoc

Finance & Accounting

Ben Ceballos

Graphics & Design

Jason Escoton

Software Engineer


To be the top-rated, industry-leading provider of IT solutions with high-caliber, reasonably priced goods and services. Use the power of cutting-edge web and technology to help entrepreneurs and businesses around the world reach their full potential. and via this significant innovation, driving a new era of development, prosperity, and productivity.